Muya brand combines the latest fashion with great comfort at an attractive price/performance ratio as a leading brand in Turkey and as a private label manufacturer of Europe. Muya shoes appeal to men & women everywhere who value that certain 'something': high quality materials, soft and flexible soles, comfortable inners and a perfect fit coupled with a modern look.

Yet it is not just passion for fashion and trends that typifies the popular women’s shoe brand, as Muya is always one step ahead in terms of optimisation and innovation processes too, enabling it to meet its customers’ needs to the full.

A perfect fit, optimal wear comfort and reliable quality are the top priorities form Muya. The brand offers impressive quality with feel-good technologies developed specifically for women, which are used in many different models. More than 50 percent of the shoes come with at least one of Muya patented feelgood technologies. “6 points ” or “gel ” are just two technologies from the programme, which give Muya shoes their feel-good factor. Wear comfort, trend expertise and an exceptional price-performance ratio merge here to form a perfect symbiosis. A promise you can rely on!

This unique brand positioning is the reason that 90 percent of all Turkish women between the ages of 20 and 49 are familiar with Muya. Every second Turkish women actually owns at least one pair of shoes from the brand. Muya is also sold internationally in more than 50 countries and, thus, is also one of the flagships of the industry in Europe.