All the models are designed and created by a team of professionals. Creativity, selection of the best Turkish leathers and materials, processing, sewing of the components, assembly, model prototyping: each phase of the production is done in our factory in Turkey.

Muya patented sole design maximizes flexibility, minimizes weight, absorbs shocks in order to relieve stress and pressure. We only use the best natural, hypoallergenic and breathable materials: Shoes for your feet.


The secret of Muya wearing comfort is the many features that make our shoes so irresistible from the first try on. The perfect interplay of style, materials and additional equipment ensures optimal wearing comfort.

This includes the processing of particularly cuddly materials or the use of highly flexible and particularly lightweight soles, which ensure an inimitable comfort and lightness. Elastic bands, laces, stretch inserts or Velcro fasteners provide additional functionality and extra comfort.


The most important material in shoe production is the leather. In the sum of its properties, this natural product is unsurpassed - no plastic combines all the advantages of leather: the durability, the adaptability and elasticity, the high visual value and - especially important for shoes - the breathability. The ability to penetrate water vapor is essential for shoes because nowhere does a human possess a higher density of sweat glands than on the foot.

The leather used by Muya always comes from renowned tanneries. When selecting the leather Muya makes sure that it is only a byproduct of food production. Reptile leather or leather from other endangered species and animal furs must not be used for Muya products.


Whether it is a careful selection of materials and producers, the constant guarantee of health safety and/or punctual delivery: MUYA Quality Management sets its own standards in terms of product quality.

These not only meet all legal standards in the chemical and physical area, but also take into account, in particular, compliance with ecological and social conditions.